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I. Some important things to do if:
    A. You are injured on your job;
    B. You develop a repetitive motion or cumulative trauma type injury due to the type of work you do;

--Immediately report a specific injury to your supervisor.

--Let your supervisor know that your job on a job task is causing you to develop pain in your neck, hands, elbows, etc.

 --If the employer fails to get you to a doctor, go to your family doctor and tell the family doctor exactly what hurts and when it started hurting and what caused the pain. Be specific.

--Notify your employer's Worker's Compensation carrier of your injury and your desire for immediate medical treatment. Be specific.

--Make a list of the names and addresses of any witnesses to your accident or if it is a repetitive motion or cumulative trauma type injury, list the names and addresses of co-workers that do the same or similar type work.

 --Make sure you know your average weekly wage rate including the cost of any benefits (medical insurance, etc.) paid for by your employer for you.

--Keep a record of your mileage to and from the doctor, hospital or physical therapy.