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II. REMEMBER what Civil Rights may be at stake:
    1. Your freedom (jail)
    2. Your right to vote
    3. Your right to possess a firearm
    4. Termination of your parental rights
    5. Your right to hold public office
    6. Your Driver's License may be automatically suspended
    7. Denied right to enlist in the military
    8. Denial of jobs for "moral turpitude" crime convictions
    9. Ability to get a security clearance
    10. Your right to continue on Social Security Disability Benefits


I. Some important do's and don'ts if you are:
1. Charged with a crime
    2. Arrested for a crime
    3. A suspect of a crime
    4. A "target" of an investigation
    5. A "party of interest" in a crime

    1. Give a statement to the police;
    2. Give a statement to a friend or a family member or cell mate;
    3. Attempt to talk to victims, their friends or any possible witnesses for the government involved;
    4. Agree to any searches or testing of you and/or your property;

    1. Immediately ask for and contact a lawyer - MIKE BLALOCK AT BLALOCK & BLALOCK, P.C.;
    2. As soon as possible write down or tape record all the facts and circumstances to your knowledge of the crime/investigation if you know of any;
    3. As soon as possible gather any photos, paperwork, etc. pertinent to the crime/investigation you are involved in;
    4. Put together a list (names, addresses, phone numbers) of all possible witnesses in the case and beside them put the possible facts you believe that each will be able to testify to;
    5. Record the names of the officers or governmental officials that contacted you about this crime/investigation.